Secret Advantage

New from Earl Nightingale, The Secret Advantage, CORE Fundamentals update his life’s work for the 21st Century

The complete compilation of Earl Nightingale's life work.

Powerful Earl Nightingale messages organized into four skill sets demanded by leading corporations.

C - Competency and how to be the best prepared for any top position in any company

O - Opportunity and the ways entrepreneurs discover the next great business

R - Results you can expect when using these skills

E - Effectiveness shows how to put these principles into action.

The complete program includes 64 episodes - over 21 hours of life-changing powerful ideas. All you need is one idea that engages your unlimited potential, and you will get anything you want.

Today the new competitive landscape of our changing world creates unlimited opportunities. Technological revolution and globalization offers new challenges; however, personal development skills are critical in any age. Competition today requires new types of leaders that understand social media, search engines, and product development. All of these things are irrelevant without the core competency to get a job and rise to the top.

Top of mind at all companies is the focus on developing human capital. Every expansion into a new techno-driven world requires highly motivated, fully functioning human beings. The smart companies recognize the value of investing in the right people at the right time. The secret advantage is to develop those core principles to stand out front of any and all competition.

No other contemporary author and speaker of the 20th century had more impact than Earl Nightingale. His partnership with Lloyd Conant and the leadership of Vic Conant delivered the skills and attitudes to millions that have created the best companies on the planet. The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want is a compilation audio program that features the most important messages for success in the 21st century. The extensive library of Earl's works from hundreds of hours of the best-selling programs and thousands of radio broadcasts have been researched, edited, and organized in this new format.

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Michael Yue 06-07-20

This book changed my life 

This book has more valuable than 10 guru masterminds. I quit my job and become a half a mil producer in one year, thanks to this program. When I become a multi-millionaire, I’ll promote this book for free to help all the young people.

Derek Greer 05-05-20

Timeless and life changing information! 

From the mind of one of the all time greats, Earl Nightingale delivers his best performances in this compilation of all his great works. Truly life changing and transformative if you follow these most basic of universal laws. Two words- read it!

Maria U. 03-26-20


love this compilation of Earls best talks.
its broken down into 20 min chapters for daily listening. great stuff

Mike 03-09-20

Worth every second 

This audio program is proudly listed among the Millionaire Book Club’s recommendations list.
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This program offers a mountain of content worth revisiting time and time again. We become what we think about.

Ameen 02-09-20


I consider myself most fortunate to have come across this recording. A must listen for any person looking to succeed in life. It is all in there. If only school children listened to this, what a different world we would have. God Bless his soul.

  1. 01-13-20

 Earl Nightingale is truly amazing! 

His words and years of research ring as true today as they did, the years of his life. Thank You

Dr. Brian L. Carpenter 12-10-19

 A forgotten gem of a book by a forgotten author 

The first self development product I recall purchasing some thirty years ago was a set of cassette tapes on negotiating by Roger Dawson, published by Nightingale-Conant. In the decades since, I have purchased many N-G products without ever realizing until I listened to this book what a powerhouse the founder, Earl Nightingale, was in his own right. This book not only has freshly inspired me with its timeless reminders of what it takes to be successful, it turned me onto another forgotten author from the 1940s whose books I am now reading (Dr. William J. Reilly). If you love radio talks, I think you will especially enjoy this book which contains hundreds of Earl's radio messages (which Wikipedia says was the largest internationally syndicated program in its time). Bonus: If it matters to you (it does to me), Earl was a US Marine in WWII and one of 15 survivors of the attack on the USS Arizona. Being a former Marine myself, this causes me to identify with him all the more.

Tomasz 12-02-19

 Eye opening and full of knowlege 

Earl has found and compiled in this one book a magnitude of information, some of which has czy me to mass media already and about 75 % still being a Secret From 95 % of the population. Thank You Mr Nightingale.

Anonymous User 11-14-19

 Beyond inspirational 

If we were given one book to listen too in our lifetime it would have to be this one.

Kindle Customer 10-25-19


Wow, content content and more content. Been chipping away at this audio for like 3 weeks now, extremely excited i did.

Amazon Customer 09-24-19


This book is nowhere near worth the $41 it's worth millions.
If a person could only listen to one thing in their life I would say just take this and break it down study it and live by it that's all you need.

Denon Rashaad Woodhouse 08-30-19

 Incredible book 

Amazing in-depth book! Inspiring and informative by one of my favorite authors. The length of the book does not eventually make the book a bore. Every chapter fascinates and challenges us to greater self-improvement and to better bless others

Mohan Dass FAIRFIELD, CA 08-18-19

 This is the Real Chicken Soup for the Self, Soul 

A must Listen to Everyone who wants to Invest oneself. Great Book for All Times

Ryen 07-25-19

Should be mandatory to read in school 

This knowledge is so essential, I think it should be mandatory literature in high school. If everybody knew this information, we would have a much better world to live in.

Sibusiso Chonguene 06-25-19

The information is practical and reference to real stories and events. Is there a hard-book?

Anonymous User 05-19-19

Timeless advice for success 

Earl nightingale's calm and soothing narrative voice combined with his wisdom for success made this an easy listen which I was eager to continue listening to. It is broken down into 60 short chapters and for 19hrs worth of audio, is fantastic value for 1 credit that can last you all month!

Amazon Customer 05-13-19


I love this book, very interesting and inspiring for me. Thank you. I will recommend this book to everyone.

Van Dieu 05-01-19

One of the better efforts 

This is one of Nightingale Conant's better personal development books that I have listened to, perhaps just as well as it is by the founder himself. Longer isn't always better; my feeling is that it could probably be condensed a bit, but many listeners will appreciate the long form format.

Kevin 04-13-19


Great self building!
Advice that will stay with you and aid you for life
I can't highly recommend this more I wish young people would listen to this book

Patrick 03-23-19


I recommend anyone to read this book more than once. Classic, Lovely, Awesome. Intriguing

PA AZ 03-14-19

“Awesome and informative” 

Paradigm shifting, with updated commentary. This material in most is timeless. Enjoyable and super informative. A must buy.

Amazon Customer 03-12-19

“What a great book!!!” 

I have taken so many mental notes, this book is amazing full of phenomenal concepts I never ever thought of. Thank you so much for the insight.

Dina 03-22-19

“Life-changing ideas.” 

Earl Nightingale has a simple but effective ideas and clarifying principles that can change your life.

Amazon Customer 03-19-19

“Best content ever, this will change your life.” 

Loved it, Best audio content I have ever listened to.
Earl is simply superb and his words have so much wisdom.

Anonymous Use  02-19-19

“Excellent read” 

I'd recommend this to all that believe in the law of attraction. I want to listen again

Big Mike 12-27-18

“Earl Nightingale Is The Dean For A Reason.” 

Fantastic from start to finish!!!! It was great that Earl Narratted it! I learned a lot!!!

Georgi 12-19-18

“Amazing book” 

This is most complete book for success and money I have ever had the chance to read.

Honest & Informed 01-02-19

“Absolutely the best” 

I only found Earl 2 years ago, and I have to say that I feel as though he is the greatest orator and one of the best philosophers of the 20th century. I also have to say that the book gets better as it goes along (it is superb throughout) and I have found the R (Results) and E (Effectiveness) sections of the CORE framework particularly interesting. What a master and what a great audiobook - worth every penny and a whole lot more.

Anonymous User 12-27-18

“Simply Fabulous” 

Brilliant listen. I enjoyed every minute of it. I feel totally inspired! Very highly recommend!

Ultra Pest Control Pvt Ltd 12-25-18

“One of the Best” 

I loved it.Dont miss it .It's too good.Tremendous work of Wisdom.Heard some parts again & again.

Tracey Joy Austin 11-03-18

 How to live successfully 

This book was one of the most useful I have listened to. A mix of narrator's made it slightly less enjoyable but you get use to it.

Baldo 12-09-18

“I highly recommend this Audible!” 

This Audible & all of Nightingale-Conant audibles are all highly recommend to anyone who wants to grow their wisdom & knowledge.They contain extremly life changing valuable information.
I would give it a higher star rating if available!

Burt 12-03-18

“Great book, Great man.”

If I had an option to bring back a person from the dead is Earl Nightingale.

Michelle Cherry Miami 11-20-18


What an excellent book, I’ve read a lot of books and this one is definitely exceptional. I usually don’t bother to right reviews. Read it, it may be exactly need.

Anonymous User 11-12-18

 Well explained. Easy to understand. 

Many topics are discussed on point. Basically the book says, we become what we think about.

Tracey Joy Austin 11-03-18

 How to live successfully 

This book was one of the most useful I have listened to.

Amazon Customer 10-09-18

“Timeless classic!” 

True wisdom has no time stamp placed upon it. This is one of those pieces! Enjoy

Kathy Bryan CHESAPEAKE, VA, US 10-02-18

“Sensible rules for living a successful life” 

Although the material is dated, it is all relevant today. It’s a lot of information to listen to, so I suggest you listen through the entire book, and make notes along the always on the chapters you want to revisit. I plan to go through the entire book at least one more time and then refer back to chapters that really resonated. Simple basic information that makes a lot of sense.

moses o omeke  09-29-18

“This book is my favorite. I love it.” 

My favorite book, one of the best ever. I will read it again and again
thanks a million.

Samira El Sayed 09-25-18

“This is a book to always return to” 

This work's magnificence is unparalleled. It sorted me out internally in a way very few books have done before. His voice, his words and the simplicity and profoundness of the stories behind them.. It will all move you to the core and humble your spirit. It will deliver you towards a new inner space of passion, potential and dedication. I look forward to reading more books of this kind in the future!

Moe 09-19-18

“Couldn’t find a better book on self-development” 

If you need to know the principles of self-development, this is one and only book. Thanks to Earl Nightingale and his dedication, he has been and will be one of the best creators of self development content.

madden 09-15-18

“The Secret Advantage” 

The previous review stated Brilliant. I say Brilliant and then some. I will never be a failure again!

George 08-13-18

“Will listen to it again” 

So much food for thought! Excellent!
Good narration, interesting build up to more in depth analysis of similar topics. Recommended to all who understand that success is governed by simple principles.

Kevin Cuneo HOUSTON, TEXAS, US 08-05-18

“The dean of personal development at his best” 

What an extensive list of Articles and accomplishments from one of the greatest personal development specialist ever Earl Nightingale. The dean of professional development. Many stories from his radio show and others that he has put together. Well laid out for today's use. I love the way it's narrated with the present-day in mind yet still reflects back to origination of Earl Nightingale ideas and accomplishments period a must-listen to program!

Ben Spain 07-30-18

“Worthwhile Learning” 

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. The 6 magic words to change your life and how much better the world would be today if we all took the time to improve ourselves.

Richard Whitacre 07-24-18

“Secret Advantage” 

lots of amazing stories and great information ! I will listen to this work many times ! thank you to Earl and all others who made this possible and thank you audible for providing this !

Ambiorix Monsanto 07-20-18

“Life changing” 

This is a great book for someone trying to get ahead in life and be successful in all areas of life.

Anonymous User 07-12-18

“Brilliant book thoroughly enjoyed”

Brilliant book thoroughly enjoyed and it is worth a million dollars to anyone who listens with an open mind.

Antonio B. 07-08-18

“Absolutely unmatched!”

This book is one of the greatest jewels that I've uncovered! Positively life altering information!

Luis BROOKLYN, NY, United States 06-18-18

“Helps Create Grooves in your Mind” 

This is a great audio recording. Earl's voice is easy to listen too and always interesting. There is a good amount of what he says that is repeated and I find it to be a great thing like "people with goals succeed because they know where they are going". The repetition helps reinforce those messages in the mind. Highly recommend.

J Green_Pro Level Training  05-29-18

“Exceptional Nuggets of Vital Life Information!” 

I loved this book, very easy to listen to. Each chapter was packed with Key information for self development of the mind, body & spirit. Worth every moment that I tuned in. Earl Nightingale's insight is truly profound.

Amazon Customer 05-19-18

Everyone must read, period. 

Life changing book that will make all the sense you’ve needed while rocking your world to greater things.

Tony, Pennsylvania 04-25-18


Outstanding words to live by to have a happy, healthy life. Good to listen to over and over again.

Tim Egbuson 05-09-18

“The Best” 

This is the most useful book in my library.
I listen to it again and again and again.
You give it a how and your life would never be the same!

Five Stars, May 14, 2018 By

Amazon Customer -

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This review is from: The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want (Audible Audiobook)


Mr D L Finlan 04-09-18

Brilliant and inspiring for anyone!!! 

It's surprisingly apt to this day and age. Probably the most effective advice I've received. socks officially pulled up!

Mike Locke

Los Angeles


The only motivational self-help book you'll ever need! 

Hands down the most complete self-help, motivational, inspiring book you'll find today. I have all of them and this audio book is filled with golden nugget after golden nugget. I've listened to this book for few weeks each morning...pure gold. This audio book clearly is now my top book to date.

Amazon Customer 03-17-18

Great book!!! 

I loved this book, lots of great knowledge and insight. Earl Nightingale is a legend.

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