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Our library of short stories covers a variety of categories. We make it easy for you to find topics in our stories based on strong characters. The pull down menus above provides these sections.

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Inspiration is where you might meet a prostitute in church.


Hotel California

The bellhop smiled a youthful grin as he held the gold push bar of the luggage cart, “Welcome to the Hotel California.” Amanda appeared to be a very pretty expensively accessorized thirtyish travelling business woman. Her tight frame rose three and a half inches above the marble floor in her Manolo Blahnik creation. Magazines call …

The Problem with Too Many Choices

Mathew Pietersen drove his ten year old Volvo north on Lee Davis Road through what at one time was the countryside of Mechanicsville, Virginia. Bennett Funeral Home to his right and Stonewall Jackson Middle School on his left put him in that position between the beginning and end that was part of his stock and trade. …