Will your goals get you to your vision?

Vision is the big picture at the top. Goals are rungs in the ladder.

Everyone ends up somewhere – the question is where.

We cover in depth in formation that will pull you into your future in the new Nightingale Conant program, Goals and Vision Mastery Course.


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The Goals and Vision Master Course provides you with skills to get what you want – but much more.

Discover your purpose by learning how to create a vision that will inspire answers to four life challenges:

  1. What problems exist now, or catastrophes can be avoided in the future?
  2. What can be done to fix or avoid the problem?
  3. Why must this be done?
  4. When to begin and when will the vision be successful?

What to do, why it needs to be done, when must it be done, and why you are the one to lead the way.

Your goals are the steps necessary to move you to your vision.

This collection of select messages is taken from 64 Best Selling Courses from 57 proven experts. Our Nightingale Conant compilation programs are designed to make it easy for you to hear selections in a topic driven format. As an example, this course is sectioned into five books based on the word, GOALS.

Book one, for the letter ‘G’ we share ideas on Goal Setting Skills and principles proven to work for those who work them.

Book two is about Opportunities to share our author’s ideas on the abundance of opportunities for you and how to take advantage of them.

Book three presents some of our best stories on Attitude.

Book Four we will go over Leadership Skills and the benefits of Lifelong Learning.

Book Five defines what Success is and how you are uniquely prepared for unlimited growth potential.

Earl Nightingale, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, Wayne Dyer, Larry Winget, Ken Blanchard, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Leo Buscaglia, Napoleon Hill, Roger Dawson, and 43 more best know authors are featured.

In Book One, there are specific topic driven chapters that cover a new look at Goal Setting including:

The courage to begin, Why dreams work, Finding your mission and vision, Charting Your Course, and Avoid planning to fail.

In Book two the chapters will provide information on Opportunities such as:

Unlimited possibilities in today’s market, Actions needed to get what you want, How the Law of Attraction brings opportunities to you, Problems that define mission and vision, Challenges faced and won, Become a millionaire, and How long will it take to become an overnight success.

Book three will boost your attitude with chapters that focus on:

Self Worth, Belief and Hope, Activity for Attitude, Three special chapters based on the word WIN – What to do – Investment and Inventory- and Negatives Eliminated, The key to moving Forward, and The Painter and the Artist.

Book four makes you a leader through the benefits of lifelong learning with chapters on:

Where Lifelong Learning began, How Your Past Prepares Tomorrow, Thirty Four Brain Power, What They Think at the Top, The Future, How you will be remembered, Where Your Vision Will Take You, The Need to Know, What To Expect, and How to deal with changes

Book five defines success and proves you are chosen to win with chapters based on these topics:

What Success Is, Money, Look Forward and Sell Your Vision          , Teamwork, Myths about Money, Do Just Enough, How You Define Success Matters, Abundance, and You Can Choose Success.

There are 45 chapters packed with hundreds of ideas, stories, and examples for over 15 hours of content proven to change lives by millions of worldwide listeners.