What’s it gonna’ take to knock some common sense into you?


Momma always enjoyed the Comic Section in the Sunday Paper. She’d say something about Dagwood, or Peanuts and chuckle, then ask me, “Want to see the funny papers?”

On those Sunday afternoons after our fill of fried chicken, the miraculous appearance of full color pages made one section of the paper interesting for a young boy. The funny papers on Sundays, and in the fall, the Sears Catalog with its pages of toys in the toy section were highly anticipated literary volumes in the early 1950’s. Not like today when toddlers haul around volumes of Harry Potter that weigh more than they do. It’s good to see kids so young falling in love with books. Beyond the funny papers, mother kept my small library full of books like Black Beauty, farmers, and cowboys. She also had common sense enough to make me read and study the school books. She said, “Work hard on your education now and you won’t have to work hard when you are grown.”

Common sense was a major course for those of my age group. It made the world safe to explore all day until it got dark.

It may seem sentimental to visit those old days when today there is nothing funny in the newspaper. Today’s newsprint only seems to deliver hate, division, and mismatched ideas. Take for example the Green New Deal environmentalists that clear cut six thousand acres of Virginia forest to build a solar panel farm. That’s about as mismatched as you can get. Consider the logic:

  • Pick a state that offers cloudy gray skies just about all winter for a solar farm. Virginia is my home state, so the impact of light deprivation is known.
  • Cut down a forest half the size of Manhattan robbing the area of life giving oxygen from trees.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring ways to make solar efficient. As it is today, you can’t depend on it. Florida is home now and our previous pool was heated with solar panels. Now our pool is heated by an electric heater. The electric works better. Cloudy skies, even in Florida, can really dampen expectations.

Could common sense point us to the vast thousands of acres of barren desert in the Southwest? No trees to chop and no dastardly cloudy gray skies. Environmentalists are supposed to care for trees and fresh air. Common sense needs to be taught. Momma said many times, “What’s it gonna’ take to knock some sense into you?”