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Joe Nuckols is a seasoned voice actor and audio/video producer.

Joe produced the Earl Nightingale program The Secret Advantage, CORE Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want. He wrote and produced the video documentary about Lloyd Conant and Earl Nightingale. In another Nightingale-Conant Best Seller, Joe wrote, narrated, and produced the first full length video documentary The DARE Matrix. He has also narrated complete audio books on Amazon.

His documentary about Andrew Carnegie has been viewed over half a  million times. Joe is considered an expert in personal development with over 40 years of study and work in the field. Joe is an award-winning advertising writer and winner of journalism awards.

Joe also has written, produced, and voiced thousands of radio and internet commercials.

Video Trailer for It Is No Secret

Voice Over Samples:

Includes clips from The Andrew Carnegie Napoleon Hill Documentary, It Is No Secret, Goals, The Secret Advantage and Pump.