Training Does Not Work

You may think that, “Training does not work,” is a strange thing for a motivational trainer to say.

Lifelong training is what personal development is all about. Recently my time has been devoted to a new program for Nightingale Conant that will be coming out later this year. The program will be called, Pump: Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.

It’s has been known that the shot in the arm motivational meetings lasts as long as it takes for the line of losers at the coffee machine to wear you down. Here’s something scary:

According to some studies, U.S. companies spend over $70 billion annually on training. However, most of the information is lost within days. Training meetings are great for a shot in the arm session to jumpstart a new program. However, what about the lasting impact? What about the daily pump?

Consistency in training not only has to do with attempting to get people to do what they are not, consistency also has to do with repetition. That’s why these audio courses and programs are so effective; you can listen over and over to cement the ideas that do reflect who you are and what you want. For any kind of training to have any real impact it must be remembered, not just during the emotional high of getting pumped. It has to be remembered over time. How challenging is this? It has been studied and proven over time that repetition is key.

That’s why we really appreciate this review from an Amazon Customer about one of our other programs, The Secret Advantage, Core Fundamentals from Earl Nightingale.

Five Stars, May 14, 2018 By Amazon Customer – Verified PurchaseThis review is from: The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want (Audible Audiobook)


This customer knows what it is about; listening everyday to something positive and inspiring.

This challenge of memory has a lot to do with our formal education, as our institutions of higher learning teach us to memorize stuff up to the day of the final exam. As I continue to re-write my book, It Is No Secret, life teaches us far more.

Your grade point average looks great on a resume…your life lessons make you indispensible.

That new version of It Is No Secret will also be out later this year.