Sales Revelation

Sales Revelation: The Final Word in Sales

The Best of Nightingale Conant’s Sales and Business Development Masters

Sales, leadership, and entrepreneurship masters share their knowledge to combine sales and business development skills that will make you the ‘go to’ expert sustaining resource. This may be the best business development course ever produced since the ideas come from 45 best selling Nightingale Conant programs condensed into one collection.

  • Discover how the sales profession has evolved over time to position you as a valued resource.
  • Learn how entrepreneurs use sales skills to their advantage to launch businesses, new markets, and succeed.
  • Find out what makes a business great and use that knowledge to earn your way into the top C level suites.
  • Go beyond prospecting, presenting, and negotiating tactics to create unlimited lifetime value.
  • Use the same strategic principles proven by the US Military to win wars in the business arena.

There are academia professionals that like to separate the functions of sales and business development… with one team deployed to do the research and evaluation as a business development exercise, and then another team of sales people to do the negotiating and closing. That sounds good on paper, but in the real day to day world that we live in…the winners have to do both. The more you understand about business, the more you will grow and earn.

Become the sustaining resource as a sales professional or entrepreneur in today’s tough competitive market. The way people buy may change, the way people sell only gets better. Discover the proven principles from 45 best selling courses from the extensive Nightingale Conant library.

This new course, Sales Revelation: The Final Word in Sales shares 33 select twenty minute topics with over 11 hours edited into an easy to use format. Here are just a few of the expert authors: Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Larry Winget, Roger Dawson, Earl Nightingale, Jay Abraham, are part of the lineup of 30 best selling authors from 45 courses. Programs such as Guerilla Selling, Sell Your Way to the Top, The Psychology of Winning, The Millennial Solution, Lead the Field, are just some of the titles edited into nearly 200 selected segments focused on arming you with the skills you need to compete and succeed.

  • When you think of high paying jobs, what comes to mind first?
  • Move up the sales evolution from ancient barter to executive C level sustaining resources.
  • Get the questions that will position you as a high value resource to top level management and entrepreneurs.
  • Learn the most powerful reasons people buy, and avoid the reasons they refuse to buy.
  • Find how to collaborate with customers creating lifetime value from every client.
  • Avoid the easy crowd. Learn how to conquer the tough customers that control large accounts. Go where the demands are high.
  • Eliminate your toughest critic.
  • The gate keepers have always presented a unique, but deadly power.
  • A new way to look at cold calling and four parts to prospecting.
  • What do you do better than anyone else? Leverage that into lifetime value.
  • Is it customer service or customer abuse that drives your business?

What can sales and business professionals learn from the phases of war used by the US Military? Find out the skills and principles in these six sessions:

  • War Phase Zero       - Shaping
  • War Phase One       - Plan
  • War Phase Two        - Seize Initiative
  • War Phase Three     - Dominate
  • War Phase Four       - Stabilize
  • War Phase Five       - Enable Authority

The Sales Revelation: The Ultimate Compilation of Nightingale Conant’s Best Selling Sales and Business Leaders answers these questions:

  • How do you rank as a sales professional or entrepreneur?
  • Where are you on the sale evolution?
  • Are you past the manipulation ‘one-off’ sales type or maybe a consultant sales person?
  • Are you embracing the idea of becoming a sustaining resource?

Discover more and sample the complete contents on the free download below:

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Jeffrey 01-29-18 Five Stars

Best businesses book ever! Hundreds of helpful gems. 

I switched careers from computer programming into real estate sales and found this audiobook many times more helpful than the training at Keller Williams. This is the BEST sales training audiobook for any industry. I especially like the different perspectives and the depth of experience the authors. I have been a fan of Brian Tracy for years and now have several other great authors to follow.


Amazon Customer 01-26-18 Five Stars

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Would you listen to Sales Revelation again? Why?

At the moment I'm not even halfway through and I already plan on multiple listens to this book. I've listened to one chapter 3 times and will probably try to commit it to memory before I'm done.  Now it may seem to you, like it does to me, that a major reason for this recording is to sell more books...I'd say you are absolutely right: HOWEVER it does have a lot of its own content that is very useful. Think of it maybe as Cliff's Notes or highlights of the recordings they are being taken from. By the way it is a little annoying that they jump around like they do, this is part of the course structure and accents the process.  Overall, this is a very helpful and interesting listen that has good places to break your listen even though the next is waiting like a serial. I recommend getting to it as soon as you can.


Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

It is but you can't. This book is packed with information from the greats and should be meditated on, notes need to be taken, meetings need to be revisited. You, dear listener, need to catch what is going on here.