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Secret Advantage


Samira El Sayed 09-25-18

“This is a book to always return to” 

This work's magnificence is unparalleled. It sorted me out internally in a way very few books have done before. His voice, his words and the simplicity and profoundness of the stories behind them.. It will all move you to the core and humble your spirit. It will deliver you towards a new inner space of passion, potential and dedication. I look forward to reading more books of this kind in the future!


Moe 09-19-18

“Couldn’t find a better book on self-development” 

If you need to know the principles of self-development, this is one and only book. Thanks to Earl Nightingale and his dedication, he has been and will be one of the best creators of self development content.


P. Madden 09-15-18

“The Secret Advantage” 

The previous review stated Brilliant. I say Brilliant and then some. I will never be a failure again!


George 08-13-18

“Will listen to it again” 

So much food for thought! Excellent!
Good narration, interesting build up to more in depth analysis of similar topics. Recommended to all who understand that success is governed by simple principles.


Kevin Cuneo HOUSTON, TEXAS, US 08-05-18

“The dean of personal development at his best” 

What an extensive list of Articles and accomplishments from one of the greatest personal development specialist ever Earl Nightingale. The dean of professional development. Many stories from his radio show and others that he has put together. Well laid out for today's use. I love the way it's narrated with the present-day in mind yet still reflects back to origination of Earl Nightingale ideas and accomplishments period a must-listen to program!



Ben Spain 07-30-18

“Worthwhile Learning” 

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. The 6 magic words to change your life and how much better the world would be today if we all took the time to improve ourselves.



Richard Whitacre 07-24-18

“Secret Advantage” 

lots of amazing stories and great information ! I will listen to this work many times ! thank you to Earl and all others who made this possible and thank you audible for providing this !



Ambiorix Monsanto 07-20-18

“Life changing” 

This is a great book for someone trying to get ahead in life and be successful in all areas of life.



Anonymous User 07-12-18

“Brilliant book thoroughly enjoyed”

Brilliant book thoroughly enjoyed and it is worth a million dollars to anyone who listens with an open mind.



Antonio B. 07-08-18

“Absolutely unmatched!”

This book is one of the greatest jewels that I've uncovered! Positively life altering information!



J Green_Pro Level Training 05-29-18

“Exceptional Nuggets of Vital Life Information!” 

I loved this book, very easy to listen to. Each chapter was packed with Key information for self development of the mind, body & spirit. Worth every moment that I tuned in. Earl Nightingale's insight is truly profound.



Amazon Customer 05-19-18

Everyone must read, period. 

Life changing book that will make all the sense you’ve needed while rocking your world to greater things.



Tony, Pennsylvania 04-25-18


Outstanding words to live by to have a happy, healthy life. Good to listen to over and over again.



Tim Egbuson 05-09-18

“The Best” 

This is the most useful book in my library. I listen to it again and again and again. You give it a how and your life would never be the same!



Mr D L Finlan 04-09-18

Brilliant and inspiring for anyone!!! 

It's surprisingly apt to this day and age. Probably the most effective advice I've received. socks officially pulled up!



Amazon Customer 03-17-18

Great book!!! 

I loved this book, lots of great knowledge and insight. Earl Nightingale is a legend.



Mike Locke Los Angeles 03-13-18

The only motivational self-help book you'll ever need! 

Hands down the most complete self-help, motivational, inspiring book you'll find today. I have all of them and this audio book is filled with golden nugget after golden nugget. I've listened to this book for few weeks each morning...pure gold. This audio book clearly is now my top book to date.



DIRECTOR 01-19-18

Key Source in Your Library 

Best, most comprehensive guide to living successfully I’ve ever come across!!! Power-packed with great advice!!!



Filip  01-12-18

Perfect, as all Earl Nightingale broadcasts 

Very easy to listen, over 19 hours just flew by. Simply perfect motivational stories. Will definitely listen to it again.



Tim Washington 12-28-17


Earl Nightingale was an amazing man. He voice speaks - yet still - to men and women.



William Andrade  12-21-17

Great book  love it, an amazing life changing book. I would strongly advise to listen to it at least twice.



Cosmin 8/11/17 "OUTSTANDING!!!"

Earl Nightingale is an amazing story teller with a very beautiful voice , the program is pure wisdom about all life's aspects , business ,relationships, family... etc.

Highly recommend this audiobook is a
100% best quality .



By Andrius



Wonderful message, wonderful voice. And everything told by wonderful man. Great listen!! One ot the best audio books to sum up all it takes to succeed!



By Arnaud Konan Michel


This is powerful 

I was looking for ways to improve my life and increase my productivity. This audio book just reinforced my determination to work hard and keep learning.  I will recommend this to anyone looking to improve his productivity and his overall well-being.

FIVE STARSFive Stars, May 14, 2018 By

Amazon Customer - Verified Purchase

This review is from: The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want (Audible Audiobook)




FIVE STARSFive Stars, October 12, 2017

By S. Scruggs (Saint Louis, MO)

This review is from: The Secret Advantage: Core Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want (Audible Audio Edition)

Pure timeless wisdom!



FIVE STARSNobody can do better than Earl., November 2, 2017

By Wayne (Reno, Nevada United States)

It doesn't get any better than from the Dean of Personal Self Development. Highly recommended!



Dare Matrix Reviews

FIVE STARS I DAREd and I Recommend You DARE Too

By Sheriff N. Osni on October 13, 2015

Format: DVD-ROM

The DARE Matrix DARE Stands for Desire, Accurate Thinking, Resources, and Execute DVD 1 - Desire DVD 2 - Accurate Thinking DVD 3 - Resources DVD 4 - Execute Free Bonus Episode on YouTube - Goals The DARE Matrix is a Hollywood level cinematography of well composed audiovisual compilation of many renowned authors and speakers in the field of leadership, and self and professional development. The DARE Matrix is not visually appealing or stimulating as Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, but nevertheless professionally developed and produced, and all the episodes can be fully enjoyed either by watching or by listening to them without missing the main point. I consider the DARE Matrix as valuably entertaining while educational and motivational set to listen to many times over similar to LIFESCAPES' Sunny Escapes Just Relax Maui DVD & CD Collection that contains breathtaking footage from the island of Maui set to relaxing music. I play the DARE Matrix on a daily basis and listen to it even as background audio that invigorates me, energizes my senses, and lights my fire. I highly recommend it and I hope it has the same effects on you.


FIVE STARS Nightingale and Conant, You have Succeeded Again with this program, "The Dare Marix".By Henry H. Morales on October 6, 2014 Format: DVD-ROM Verified Purchase

The Dare Marix, is an amazing library, of the top 5% educators in almost all the areas of life. From wealth, health, business, goal setting, etc. I am telling you people, that if you invest in this program, you will save about "50 years" of your own life, in time, money and experience, in looking for ways to succeed. I know, because my name is Henry Hamilton Morales, and I started with nightingale (in 1966, 33rpm"record's" in those day's) programs. I was 24 yrs old.... am now 73 yrs old, and I have been a nightingale customer, off and on for the past 49 years. It has helped me and my family, in all areas of our life's. Thank you Nightingale/Conant for this wonderful service. Sincerely, Henry Hamilton Morales, San Antonio, Texas. Ps I even got a thank you letter from Earl Nightingale. What a great man.



By Mr Cool on July 4, 2014 Format: DVD-ROM Verified Purchase

Buy it, Play it and keep playing it till you succeed.



FOUR STARS Better than expected Review by Dr. Duke Rogers

While most motivational speakers are full of it. Joe Nuckols is a great speaker. Really felt like he was talking directly to me. This will change your outlook. (Posted on 4/10/2015)

Goals and Vision


Getting to the Top 04-30-20

Excellent series of audio book for goals 

Great audio book.
Love all the subjects talked about in it.
Great explanation and stories.
Easy to understand and listen to.
Would recommend to anyone that would like to be more goal oriented and would like to reach far in life.


Lana Gaines 04-29-20

Gaining Wisdom 

This collaboration is amazing!! It confirms many of my beliefs about goals, mission statements, planning and more. I will be purchasing the book series for my library.


Clare Grogan 04-11-20


What a collection of inspiring information. I highly recommend this collection to anyone who is looking for inspiration.


Anonymous User 04-10-20

I will replay in my sleep and keep Listening woke.

This audiobook was wonderful to listen too, will replay until content is in sync with my lifestyle....


Anonymous User 02-10-20

 Excellent book 

Great read and lots of knowledge. I can’t wait to read the next one and great speakers!


Mike_A   01-08-20

Invaluable Collection 

I had my doubts but I find myself listening to this audiobook over and over again. Some of its old school and might sound dated but its worth every minute. I've listened to the entire audio book twice so far and have recommended to others. Great buy!


chicagoboy 12-25-19

 great advice and material 

Many excerpts and quotes from the top names in personal development.
pretty well put together


Tony 11-02-19


A lot of excellent advice from many successful people. It's about setting goals and taking action.


Bethann Miller 10-26-19


I love this book. So motivational! I also loved that the authors read their own portions, for me that gives even more value to the experience.




“A Must Have or Listen. Period.”

This audio is a Gem. From start to finish. Its more than Goal setting, its explain in depth holds you by hand step by step from visualization to planning to execution to the last detail. It leaves no stone unturned. 3Thumbs Up.



donald Peterson Germantown, MD, United States 02-14-19

“Best Of The Best!!!”

The best compilation of Personal Development and thought leaders that I have listened to. I was introduced to what I would call a modality for personal transformation by a levels of consciousness teacher which I had never heard of. I really am grateful that I purchased this series and know it has now become one of my life companions.



Amazon Customer 02-11-19


Awesome educational audio!!!!! I love it!!! Inspiring and motivating!!!! Very good.


Disele 01-22-19

 “A Must Have or Listen. Period.” 

This audio is a Gem. From start to finish. Its more than Goal setting, its explain in depth holds you by hand step by step from visualization to planning to execution to the last detail. It leaves no stone unturned. 3 Thumbs Up.


Keiki-Dawn Izumi 01-14-19

“The best of the best” 

Nightingale-Conant has always put together the best books and audios. Great to listen and learn.


F. Las Vegas, NV USA 12-28-18

“You can listen over and over again.”

Although I have heard many of these programs, this compilation is great to listen to over and over.
When I listen a different time, although I had heard it before, I get more distillation from listening again!


Glyne O. Browne 12-23-18

“Ageless, timeless and timely” 

Ageless, timeless and timely information for the start up phase, and also to maintain focus and motivation for each subsequent step.

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Jaybird413 12-14-18

“Masters teaching mastering goals and visions” 

What better way to learn how to master your goals and visions than from the masters themselves?


Patrick Kelly Brooklyn, NY United States


 “Mastery Course of Mastery Courses”

This is The Best Chock Full of Nuggets Book on Goals and Vision available!! Awesome! A must listen to 3X minimum!


Tommy Pos12-06-18

 “Top notch” 

Exactly as described, Nightingale-Conant has put out so much of my favorite content. I purchased Larry Winget’s book after hearing clips of it in here, it was also a 5 star for myself.

I have already heard quite a few of the works in this collection but it's always great to hear them again. I would recommend this audible collection to all. it's a masterpiece filled with great wisdom and philosophies. This is the kind of stuff that should be taught in schools


Moe Candi Texas 11-07-18

“Great way to keep yourself on track” 

So far I've listened to this book two complete times... it's entertaining and doesn't get boring...switches up speakers and topics and out together well..I've recommended to my goal oriented friends.


Pete 11-05-18


This book is priceless! Considering you implemented whats learned and remain a student of Life!!


Amazon Customer 11-04-18

 “Great book” 

Things I should have learned in school and didn't. Enjoyed the content. Everything was up to date and is in line with current events.


Alex 10-21-18

 “A collection of The Godfather’s” 

This audiobook is jammed packed with many of the original personal development leaders. Filled with wonderful information. Sometime the story feels like it lags to develop but it develops into a amazing moral.


Marcie 09-28-18


AMAZING. So PRACTICAL. Breaks it down to simple TO DOs etc God Bless This Book.


R. Waddington 09-26-18

“Found it very motivational” 

Very good and motivational. Not to be listened to just once, but needs repeated listening.



Amazon Customer 09-16-18

“Great audio book” 

Great audio book with loads of content to inspire. Audio quality goes up & down due to older recordings. Yet the content is top notch. Well worth checking out.


Krazyst8 09-07-18

“Tons of Great Advise...” be prepared to take notes. I'd recommend listening to it several times and bookmark your favorites. Bottom line is Action speaks louder than Words. Put the advice to work.


Luis BROOKLYN, NY, United States 08-30-18

“Another great compilation”

These are all compilations of courses given by members of Nightingale Conant. Repeated and solid advice that takes root in the subconscious. There are also to-do practices that help you write down goals, missions, and visions scattered throughout the compilation.


Michele BILLINGS, MT, United States 08-28-18

“Great culmination of speakers for motivation.”

This was a great resource from many speakers on inspired living, wisdom, and motivation. Its worth the time invested.



Mauslix Roma, Italia 07-29-18

“Best self empowerment collection ever!” 

Collected works about self empowerment. Best value, I liked it very much, I will listen again and again.


Amazon Customer 07-13-18


“Best book read so far”

Easy to follow and understand.  Listening to it again.


Megan 07-10-18


This is an amazing compilation of works by great authors and speakers. I'm so blessed to have came across it. I will definitely be listening to this audio again and again.



Donna Morris 07-01-18

“A much needed course. Thank you.” 

Each chapter I received from, some more than others. I will listen again and again



Brian Hennessey Oak Park, CA 06-30-18

“Treasure Chest of Dynamite Info!” 

This is one you’ll listen to over and over again in order to collect all the great ideas and classic teachings. You definitely want this in your listening library.



Dave Davis Illinois USA 06-13-18

“Nightingale Conant is the best!” 

This is the best compilation on goal setting that I have ever heard I love Nightingale Conant I hope they continue to put out great material like this that is a great compilation of all of their recordings.



Amazon Customer 06-12-18

“Start Here for Successful Living” 

What a simple opportunity to learn from so many life mentors and teachers. You get solid sound bites and extended teachings from greats like Zig Ziglar and Jack Canfield. You will learn how daily changes in your thinking patterns can help you achieve so much more in life. Highly recommend if you are under 40 to internalize these teachings. Well worth the investment!



Amazon Customer 06-06-18

“My new Favorite” 

Wow if you've ever made it thru a goal/vision audio book and found it useful how could you not love this!!! it's we'll put together curated with tons of stuff I hadn't heard. I was so past due for realignment goals right on time. TY!!!!!



Mason Torres  05-12-18

“Very Comprehensive” 

When I saw this I wasn't sure I would like it, but it is great. I like how they have broke down the subject of Vision and setting goals and use different authors and speakers to really drive the point home. They take the best on each subject and put into one place.


Sales Revelation


Zach 06-14-18

“Great great great” 

if you want to increase sales buy this book. Do,yourself a favor and get this book.



Amazon Customer 06-04-18

“Implement this.”

If you internalize this information, you won't help but to succeed. Classic, useful, entertaining, informative.



Amazon Customer 05-09-18

Part of the Sales Essentials 

Great review of all things sales. Fantastic ideas... impossible to absorb all of it, but a good reference to revisit time and time again to improve not just your sales profession, but how you interact with others in general.



Barry 03-28-18

Tremendous Audiobook

What made the experience of listening to Sales Revelation the most enjoyable?

This book gave me so many new ideas and thoughts. I really learned a lot. This is a MUST READ.

Who was your favorite character and why?

Zig Ziglar because of his voice and advice.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

Not possible




Great book 

This book is an awesome collection of knowledge and provides a lot of info for sales professionals.



Jeffrey 01-29-18 Five Stars

Best businesses book ever! Hundreds of helpful gems. 

I switched careers from computer programming into real estate sales and found this audiobook many times more helpful than the training at Keller Williams. This is the BEST sales training audiobook for any industry. I especially like the different perspectives and the depth of experience the authors. I have been a fan of Brian Tracy for years and now have several other great authors to follow.



Amazon Customer 01-26-18 Five Stars

Get this Audiobook 

Would you listen to Sales Revelation again? Why?

At the moment I'm not even halfway through and I already plan on multiple listens to this book. I've listened to one chapter 3 times and will probably try to commit it to memory before I'm done.  Now it may seem to you, like it does to me, that a major reason for this recording is to sell more books...I'd say you are absolutely right: HOWEVER it does have a lot of its own content that is very useful. Think of it maybe as Cliff's Notes or highlights of the recordings they are being taken from. By the way it is a little annoying that they jump around like they do, this is part of the course structure and accents the process.  Overall, this is a very helpful and interesting listen that has good places to break your listen even though the next is waiting like a serial. I recommend getting to it as soon as you can.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

It is but you can't. This book is packed with information from the greats and should be meditated on, notes need to be taken, meetings need to be revisited. You, dear listener, need to catch what is going on here.