Occupation or Calling

Owning an insurance company is a highly lucrative occupation. Big bucks can be made, but is selling insurance a true calling? It is for some who feel the need to help provide protection and financial planning. However, many people full of hope and sense of purpose are attracted to insurance sales as an occupation that is very useful to providing for family and security when the commissions roll in.

There is nothing wrong with rising to responsibility in any line of work in any occupation.

That does not stop the hunger.


As a young man, Earl Nightingale took that path. He had been poor. He had served as a Marine. And, he became a successful announcer in Chicago.

Fate stepped in once he started an insurance agency and was successful.

Earl decided to take an extended vacation and the sales manager asked Earl to record a message to motivate the sales people while he was away.

The idea made sense to Earl. He sat at his typewriter.

Blank pages have a way of staring back.

After another cup of coffee, he looked around his office and saw his inspiration. The book he discovered in the Long Beach Public Library and remembered the words, “We become what we think about.”

Words flew and filled the pages.

Later at the studio standing at the microphone, Earl began, “I want to tell you the most interesting story in the world. Why a person becomes the person he or she becomes.”

He gave the recording to the sales manager and in Earl’s absence, people for the first time heard, The Strangest Secret.

Word got around and before long other companies wanted the recording.

That action launched the personal development audio publishing industry. Since then, the record sold over a million copies making it the first spoken word record to go gold.

In the pursuit of an occupation, Earl Nightingale discovered his true calling.

Today the company he co-founded, Nightingale Conant, has taken the best of Earl’s life work to release a new updated Earl Nightingale program, The Secret Advantage: CORE Fundamentals to Get Anything You Want.

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