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She Could Sell Anybody “You want to go over my resume?” The young guy asked the real estate broker.

“I don’t do resumes. I do meetings.”  Bruce really didn’t want to be in sales, but his football scholarship to major in English Lit had not advanced him. ... READ MORE

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Jump Off Rock  Here in the sun drenched orchid, he would be labeled a migrant worker here for the season. In truth, Jose liked the nickname J.R. as he was the master of this field. He fancied himself the head of his own land empire the way Larry Hagman strutted about the Dallas soap opera about to premiere its second season. His apple orchard farm was much smaller than the trashy empire on one of the only three TV networks. The size didn’t matter to Jose as his twelve acres produced sixteen varieties of the fruit that gave acclaim to Hendersonville as the most productive stretch of dirt in North Carolina. How Jose Ramos became a land owner is a story that began back in the sixties....READ MORE

Caucasian man with long hair picking ripe green and fresh apple fruit from tree branch on the orchard, selective focus on his hand, apples and leaves

A Reunion at Christmas Time? He looked familiar in some way when he tapped on the microphone on the band stage, “Testing, testing...” the general buzz of conversations dissolved to hear the guy, “If you are wondering why you are in a room full of old people, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the 1965 class reunion of John Marshall High School... Christmas edition." ...READ MORE

Portrait of smiling senior couple celebrating Christmas at home

The Retirement Speech As a young man, really a skinny teenager, Bob got his first job at A&P. The great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. Grocery stores were much smaller in scale; maybe one fourth the size at best. There were fresh meats, vegetables, Coke, Pepsi, Hostess Cup Cakes, and only two isles of canned goods and staples. Bob wore a black apron, stocked shelves, checked people at the register, and packed paper bags. He did all that with a smile and positive attitude as he crammed all that activity into hours after school and on Saturdays. Sundays he had free time since stores then closed on Sunday. There was a method to his madness for unpacking boxes and packing shopping bags, while his classmates played football. He had his eye on something more important. ... READ MORE

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Valentine’s Heartbreak The text alarm woke Johnny on a Saturday morning when he was anticipating sleeping in. Janet was in the shower. It was her damn phone. He could hear the muffled water splashing and her humming one of those oldies. Even if the lyrics were about heartbreak, the melody would draw out your affection for the song. This morning the tune sounded like that song about drinking Pina Coladas in the rain. He thought if it is true that art imitates life, he should probably read the text; the one on her phone. So, he peeked and saw, ‘Are you ready for next weekend?’ ...READ MORE

Husband caught his cheating wife while she secretly calls her lover

The Time Machine Richard, past the threshold of three score and ten, toasted his bride of nearly fifty years with an unsweetened ice tea. Mary sported her blonde hair in a short bob that had become popular in their demographic. His long silver hair nearly caught the sun streaming as back light to their favorite table for two pushed into the window of the small cafe. They could sip and snack for some time watching people walk up and down Coral Way. Some days they would make up stories about the couples that strolled by in long quiet sentences punctuated by abrupt businessmen in suits hurrying past. Important tasks of the day pulled at them to push past those with nothing to do other than to be together. “What do you think? Do they look happy?” Mary would say to Richard. ...READ MORE

Hiking elderly couple holding hands and walking on the street
and breathing healthy fresh air to strengthen immunity and strengthen the body and enjoying the fellowship

A Place for Dogs Golden hair flowed in my peripheral vision as I peddled past the park for dogs in our neighborhood. Developers actually cordoned off the forty-five thousand square feet or so of green turf at somewhere north of a hundred thousand per acre to create a special place for dogs to run free; at least up to the chain link boundaries where barking, smelling, and pooping were all okay. That quick glance was all it took to reach back in time when dog parks were not necessary as back yards were the norm....READ MORE

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