It Is No Secret

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Have you been seduced to think there is a secret to success?

The new It Is No Secret is an updated version to replace an older edition. Discover additional information that challenges self help lists. This ends the myth that there is some secret to living with purpose to find faith, family, focus, fame and fortune.

Authors and experts have been giving the rest of us rules and steps to follow for thousands of years. How many of those rules have you broken? The seduction of hidden secrets is over. Acting on one or two principles from a list of rules and then quitting will never get you what you want.

The truth is; there is no secret.

Joe Nuckols shares intimate personal stories that prove a way to win the life long game of Truth and Dare. The old list of rules about what ‘not to do’ is challenged to reveal a better way to plan your life. Knowledge to improve your family, fitness, faith and fortune is all here.

One simple formula will write the story of your life - before you live it. The time has come to prove there are no secrets; only answers.

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Bonus Material in the Paperback and Kindle editions provide printable key action strategic exercises and photos.

Discover the secret to living the life you want.

You have untapped resources, skills, and possibilities to live an abundant life everyday. Negative news about the economy has very little, if anything, to do with your success. Whatever challenges you may face, whatever circumstances are weighing you down, you can choose a better way to live.

It Is No Secret: Release Your Prosperity Potential from Your Past, Present and Possibilities proves through example the path to unlimited potential and possibilities in your future. Personal development does not have to be a complicated process.

Eliminate complications to make achieving success easier.

Learn why multi-tasking is misunderstood and can lead to losing instead of winning.

How to do the uncomfortable to enjoy the comfortable.

One simple formula to release your inner dream into reality and write the story of your life - before you live it.

How to know your job is your purpose.

Eliminate the doubters that hold you back.

As you are the master of your mind, a mastermind alliance will generate power and proof that the mastermind alliance works.

The excuse disbelievers rely on.

Our actions travel far beyond and outlive us.

How some people see visions and why miracles are easy to see in hindsight.