Young couple successful businessmen agree on the best deal. He was talking on the phone, it searches the internet for new business partners.

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The bellhop smiled a youthful grin as he held the gold push bar of the luggage cart, “Welcome to the Hotel California.” Amanda appeared to be a very pretty expensively accessorized thirtyish travelling business woman. Her tight frame rose three and a half inches above the marble floor in her Manolo Blahnik creation. Magazines call the designer the holy man of heels, a term ironic in that the women who wear them seem to be least holy persons to sport such fashion. This pair of pumps in open toe with straps that wrap her ankles suggests bondage topped off with diamond crusted buckles. The soft blue velvet matched her blue suit tailored to own any room she entered. The young man, very happy with his task, ushers her to the elevator and announces, “Room thirteen thirty-three.” ... READ MORE

hotel ca

Copemish Deer Lovers Club The cute server sporting long braided Swiss Miss pigtails always smiles. Especially on mornings when the holidays edge closer on cold winter calendar days. Her red dress, candy striped socks, and apron with a large Santa face with black dots for eyes and a large red nose just about lower abdomen made all the old guys smile and twinkle more so than most mornings.

She greets the regulars at the table they take over in the window everyday, “Hey Yuh guys.”

The skinny one in the John Deere cap said, “Looks like Santa’s nose is just about to make you a happy woman.” ... READ MORE

Portrait of waitress touching her santa hat at the coffee shop

Round Trip The street in Asheville, North Carolina winds down a few blocks to the stump of a brick building from another incarnation. Once a house, once a business, old bricks shed their red dust from the decades of storms. Over the entrance door, the current sign carved and painted in wood shows an angry bear standing over a donkey looking sleepy in the other direction. The name painted beneath each animal Bear Ass Pub and Brew....READ MORE

taxidermy stuffed deer buck

Out of Place It was certainly not nothing, she had explained when he answered her with the one word that offers no explanation, and fails miserably as an excuse when he dared to say, “Nothing.” Nancy had heard that lame answer too many nights, when John entered his house and mixed his drink as he tossed that answer over his shoulder. She had grown tired of the fact that he was tired of his job. There were times she wondered about where he was and who was capturing his attention, but the idea that John would be having an affair had lost the impulse to feel jealousy or even envy....READ MORE

sad and tired husband in the middle of a fight with a cheating wife