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Choose a story that may inspire a lifestyle of hope and purpose from the most unlikely people.

Sunday Morning Confessions “This morning I hired a prostitute,” the man said. That caused an uncomfortable rustle. An uneasy tension filled the room. The preacher on the stage continued, “She was hitchhiking, so I picked her up and told her how dangerous that is. Turns out she wasn’t hitching at all, just advertising.”... READ MORE

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A Book by the Toilet The book on the counter was sectioned by a coupon bookmark. The only words showing from the coupon advertised a discount headline, ‘Receive a Free...’ Not enough of the copy was revealed to answer what ‘Free’ item would be offered if I only opened the book to that page. What could it be? ...READ MORE


Voices from the Black Hole Somewhere in the abyss between three and five in the morning, the black hole of sleeplessness pulled at me. Just as the gravitational pull of real black holes in the universe swallow entire galaxies; these morning vacuums suck me down a path where the view is stuck in the rear view mirror....READ MORE

Success Stories Update

The Problem with Too Many Choices  Mathew Pietersen drove his ten year old Volvo north on Lee Davis Road through what at one time was the countryside of Mechanicsville, Virginia. Bennett Funeral Home to his right and Stonewall Jackson Middle School on his left put him in that position between the beginning and end that was part of his stock and trade....READ MORE

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Son of a Preacher Man Series - Episode 1 Angel of the Lord. The rain that had not stopped turned the dirt road from Mineral, Virginia to Richmond into a mud path that sucked wood wagon wheels down. The word from neighboring farms was another damn hurricane had come ashore down around Myrtle Beach and tracked right over Richmond....READ MORE

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Son of a Preacher Man Series - Episode 2  Hallelujah Joe The brick building was a simple square box with no steeple so it could be anything. Trees with empty branches hung over a lawn of fallen leaves. Off in the back a few old grave stones implied this was a holy place....READ MORE

Tent Revival

Son of a Preacher Man Series - Episode 3 The Old Man and a Lionel Train Youth fools us into believing in something bigger than ourselves. A future full of hope that only fades with experiences that a young boy of sixteen can not even imagine....READ MORE


Professor With a Mop  Abe walked quietly along the center isle between the rows of tables on his nightly journey to some back room hidden away from students locked in battles with words and sentences that will soon be graded and judged for their merit. Just as he passed a young woman sitting with her back to him, he glanced at the screen on her tablet and recognized a commercial novel written not to reveal some higher intelligence, but to pull the reader into a fantasy... READ MORE

The Library


“Hello, I’m Abigail,” she smiled and extended a warm soft hand.

“Everyone knows who you are,” he said.

The bearded ferret of a man from the 1990’s held on to her hand until they sat in the booth her back to the wall to view the parade of plastic people strolling by on Sunset. “It is a pleasure to meet the queen of erotica,” he said.

“What a stupid title,” she said... READ MORE

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