Help yourself to success by finding a need, and filling it.

Her eyes are locked on the computer screen at the register. She looks up over the rim of her glasses to address the distraction you pose, “Can I help you?”HELP

This interaction happens in every restaurant, department store, boutique, or anyplace where there is a need for a human. The question to offer help automatically triggers a strong “No” response, since people don’t want to be bothered by salespeople. Yet, the offer to help is asked millions of times everyday. Untold fortunes are dismissed.

Earl Nightingale began transforming lives with six words, “We become what we think about.”

Earl also shared another six words that is the absolute foundation for success, “Find a need, and fill it.”

These words drive sales and launch businesses and even entire industries.

Earl goes on to say, “The extent of your success will be determined by the need’s importance and your ability to fill it. The size of your success is controlled by the number of people it serves and the extent of the need it fills.”

Good salespeople know to resist the ease of asking any question that can be answered, “No.”

Great salespeople always dig for the driving need a customer has. Once known, the sales process becomes easy and nearly automatic.

The question, “What do you need?” is better than ‘what you want’ because wants may not be so easily satisfied whereas businesses do fulfill needs.

On a larger scale, the secret sauce to business success, fame, and fortune comes from the answer to that mantra, “Find a need and fill it.”

An exercise to do this requires two things:

  1. The need must be a real need and not contrived. It must ring true.
  2. A true need may not exist until the entrepreneur defines the need.

Today we all must have some form of computer. That need did not exist until Bill Gates dreamed of the day that every household will have at least one personal computer.

The true underlying need was the need for a tool to speed up executing repetitive boring activities.

In The Secret Advantage, Earl tells one of many stories about a friend who transformed his gasoline service station into a full service convenience store to fill the need for customers to buy items they needed as they waited for their cars to be services. The Earl Nightingale message forced me to ask, “Do people really need another Earl Nightingale program?”

Sure, listening to Earl is encouraging and entertaining, but is there is significant clear and real need to hear what he has to say? The real underlying need for another new Earl Nightingale program can be summed up with one word, “Future.”

What promise lies ahead? Each of us seeks a better future. The pull of the future makes us move. Our vision of the future creates the world we live in. Earl Nightingale’s life work is a resource that has inspired innovation and motivated millions to discover their own personal idea of the future they want.

Therefore, my answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

Yes, we need the wisdom and mentorship of Earl Nightingale today more than ever to release a powerful future.

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