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Take a look at the following proven campaigns and trailers.

Audio Book Trailers

Nightingale Conant Goals and Vision Master Course trailer.

Goals mean nothing without vision.

Nightingale Conant Sales Revelation Course trailer.

Proven strategy the military uses to go to war outlines the strategies to win in sales.

Secret Advantage Series

Variety of different lengths promoting the Nightingale Conant Best Seller, The Secret Advantage.

Secret Advantage Change
Secret Advantage Tired of Waiting
Secret Advantage Reviews
Secret Advantage Box Set

This series was produced for It Is No Secret published by Nightingale Conant.

The series shows a one minute ad, two minute trailer, and six minute first chapter sample.

It Is No Secret Two Minute Trailer
It Is No Secret Six Minute Introductory Chapter

The DARE Matrix 4 Hour Movie Series

Campaign series promoting the Nightingale Conant video program, The DARE Matrix.

This video program was developed and produced by Joe Nuckols.

DARE Matrix Long Form Trailer

Nightingale Conant  Image Series

Napoleon Hill Foundation Documentary

Hour long video documentary by Joe Nuckols produced for The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Viewed on Youtube over a half million times.

Voice Vido Banner Joe Nuckols

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