There are times when missing my father weighs heavy. Those small times sitting across from each other in stuffed chairs and listening. The stories of his father working a farm and owning a grocery store that lost more money than it made. His description from a slight smile and echoes in the twinkle of his blue eyes fascinate me today the same way those words captured me nearly seveny years ago.

Youthful years passed and as time made me smarter, there were some days when my self absorbed smart ass would interject some off the wall contemporary passing idea. Comments such as those have become some level of regret and grow large in the memory shouting out the kind gentle happy words.

Today as pages on the February calendar get checked off, there’s Valentine’ Day with cards, candy and kisses to mark happy milestones. One of those chilly February days also marks the day of his last laugh and quiet smile were silenced.

So, as life gets thrown at us shooting arrows of pain and happiness, we may learn that the real educated action is to experience each present moment with a finger on the scale that leans toward the affectionate.