Are Your Commercials Working?

There is a proven formula to get more from your commercials.

Some say the quote “Practice what you preach” may be a negative statement. Other statements such as, ‘Put up or shut up’ may fall into the same genre. A more positive spin such as, ‘Lead by example’ says the same thing.

However you say it, the thought came to mind as we rolled out some new commercials for our books to be sure we too are following the example expressed in another video we posted.

Here’s a test for you to decide if we are correctly using the PAPPA advertising formula we teach to improve results from  for commercials and advertisements.

First, we launched the following two ads for It Is No Secret. One is driving more clicks.

Headline:      Have You Been Seduced

Action:           Break the Rules

Headline:     The Divide Between the Rich and Poor Widens.

Action:          Get answers, not secrets.

Viewers are directed here.

Our next campaign for the book The Secret Advantage features two videos that attempt to follow the PAPPA formula for results.

Headline:      Can you change if you have more advantages?

Action:           Discover what winners know that leave the losers behind.

Headline:     Tired of seeing others get everything you want?

Action:          Get the advantage those at the top have used.

The call to action leads here.

 The next campaign features the video series The DARE Matrix.

Headline:     Most People Fail

Action:         Dare to be a winner and leave failure to others.

Leads go here.

Compare these commercials with the PAPPA formula explained in another video.