If You Build It, Will They Come?

if you build itThose magical words from the movie, Field of Dreams, make us shiver with delight . If your field of dreams is to build a better website, will they come? Will the great mass of humanity click their way to your ISP and make you rich, famous, and fill your PayPal account with unlimited resources to live the life we want? The truth is, the nine dollar domain name for the website we build and pennies per month do-it-yourself website kit is not the field of dreams for the weak at heart.

The internet is appealing as the one place in business where butts can be pasted to seats with no need to get up, get out, and get to pressing hands. Just close the bedroom door and open up multiple browser windows to social network and tweet your way to stardom. Hey, if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

Actually, just about everyone is. I cruise my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts each day to keep up with others that may find it interesting. In an earlier article, I mentioned the importance of one of Earl Nightingale’s core principles to become more creative. That point is to reach out to friends to fill the idea bank. Social media is great for this.

So, I mentioned our program, The Secret Advantage and how the core fundamentals for you to build success are available for the small investment of just listening. Hey, get a better life and all you have to do is listen, learn, and live the principles revealed by the one of the best minds on the planet. Great elevator pitch. Then I get an email from the moderator of one of the many social groups warning that ‘pitching’ other members may be offensive, and just imagine what it would cost to reach 58,000 members. I can tell you with some experience that the average cost per thousand in media won’t make anyone rich at a multiple of 58. So, before getting all huffy and high and mighty, just reel it back in a bit and consider the fact that real work has to be done in each and every business. We all have to seize every moment we can to spread the word in any means possible to drive those clicks home. Like the old saying, “One person’s junk is another’s treasure.” Many opportunities are offered in sales pitches. We all get daily doses of ads and commercials to the tune of thousands, and yet we find our way through the myriad filtering out the stuff we have no interest in. Then, there’s the one nugget revealed in a flash of light that answers some need we have.

If we are to survive this thick underbrush of massive clutter, we have to become more and more unique. Years ago the big time advertising gurus proclaimed USP, Unique Selling Position. The battle for your mind way back then was only three TV networks, newspapers, a few billboards, and a handful of  AM radio stations that sputtered out tobacco commercials through the static for the Rolling Stones to sing about, “Can’t be a man cause he doesn’t smoke, same cigarettes as me, I can’t get no satisfaction.”

There’s more clutter today, but we have evolved, we can stand the noise, we are capable of finding our satisfaction. The thought of starting your very own online business is a great field of dreams. The masses may come if you can navigate the data storm and exercise your very own USP for your ISP with precision. It can be done. Build a better website and build a bright future.

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