100 Year Life Plan

You can manifest the life you want. The fact is, you manifest the life you have and will get, so why not take charge and plan your 100 year life plan?

To manifest, or imagine, is not enough. You have to act.

The Health, Wealth and Spirit Master Course  

Live an Extraordinary Life from 39 Best Selling Authors

This new Master Course presents selections carefully edited for specific topics from the Nightingale Conant panel of chosen best selling experts over 70 courses. The issues outlined with ideas for the skills needed to answer and fix these problems will be presented in 26 specific chapter topics. We have researched hundreds of hours from the vast Nightingale Collection of courses. That provided us with a resource of 70 courses to seek the ideas that can drive new disrupters with inspiration to discover what needs to be done to take us from the way the world is to the way the world can be.

The desire to live longer has been tempting us for a long time. Tales of the fountain of youth have been told for thousands of years before Ponce De Leon landed in Florida. In ancient China, the emperors ordered their generals to find the elixir of life or the secret potion that would grant eternal youth. Today, there is a large movement of trans-humanists seeking technology to create eternal life. Artificial intelligence is no longer just the fantasy of 2001 A Space Odyssey. We are moving in that direction. Pacemakers, hearing aids, artificial limbs, even implanted lenses to correct cataracts are making us all some form of 21st Century Cyborgs. Scientists are developing microscopic machines injected in our bloodstreams, can kill diseased cells along with stem cell therapy.Are today’s scientists really on the verge of artificial eternity? Are their efforts to inject computer programs into our brains designed to grant us telepathy? Can surgically altered DNA give us what we have wanted for so long?

Or do we already have the answer? Are we already equipped to live longer, live better, and do we already have telepathy on our side?



Cathi 5.0 out of 5 stars WOW! What a GREAT Compilation of the BEST in the Field November 16, 2021 I am listening to this book on Audible. Initially, I was not sure about the narrators voice, but have grown to like it. There are so many wonderful speakers included in this book and each one has brought a new or inspiring perspective to light. I HIGHLY recommend for anyone striving to make the most out of this precious life. Great learning tool. I am sure this will be a book that I listen more than once

Cathi1  2-15-21 Sad it's Over This is a compilation of some of the greatest teachers in history. It is inspirational soul food that will nourish all who dig in.

Padme-Hum  10-07-21 Spiritual Smorgasbord for a Better Life This is a compilation of various authors on topics that pertain to everyday life that was interesting and useful. Many of the speakers are my favorite authors. This program also introduced me to authors I was not familiar with and some that are from the beginnings of new age thought.

Amanda 10-27-18 “Great thinkers of our time” Loved it! Exposure to these great thinkers of our time and their ideas. A must read.

Mohammed 11-17-18 “An Amazing perspective on life.”  I love the wide variety of perspectives, and that from my favorite authors and speakers.

Gloria  02-13-19 “The best if the best!” If you are Spiritually ready, this book is the one you need to reaffirm your faith and grow even more.”  This is the book to get. It unifies mind, body and spirit and brings this peace about your creator and how we all matter. Everything is explained with easy to follow ideas and proven scriptures and writings.


Why wait?

My wife, Terry, recorded several songs she had written over the years on her 70th birthday. She proves the idea of seventy years is not enough. She not only created this music video, she expanded her love of art with a new passion for watercolors. Check out her video and her site. You think she looks or acts like70?

Advanced Learning Opportunities

Check out these books

Transform your life or the life of someone you love with Life Force—the newest breakthroughs in health technology to help maximize your energy and strength, prevent disease, and extend your health span—from Tony Robbins, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Money: Master the Game.

In a world full of fear and uncertainty about our health, it can be difficult to know where to turn for actionable advice you can trust. Today, leading scientists and doctors in the field of regenerative medicine are developing diagnostic tools and safe and effective therapies that can free you from fear.In this book, Tony Robbins, the world’s #1 life and business strategist who has coached more than fifty million people, brings you more than 100 of the world’s top medical minds and the latest research, inspiring comeback stories, and amazing advancements in precision medicine that you can apply today to help extend the length and quality of your life.


From the New York Times bestselling authors of Abundance and Bold comes a practical playbook for technological convergence in our modern era.

The Future Is Faster Than You Think, a blueprint for how our world will change in response to the next ten years of rapid technological disruption. Technology is accelerating far more quickly than anyone could have imagined. During the next decade, we will experience more upheaval and create more wealth than we have in the past hundred years. In this gripping and insightful roadmap to our near future, Diamandis and Kotler investigate how wave after wave of exponentially accelerating technologies will impact both our daily lives and society as a whole. What happens as AI, robotics, virtual reality, digital biology, and sensors crash into 3D printing, blockchain, and global gigabit networks? How will these convergences transform today’s legacy industries? What will happen to the way we raise our kids, govern our nations, and care for our planet?

The 150+ year lifespan of our ancient ancestors can be achieved once again by harnessing the power of our own cells with The Stem Cell Cure!

Harnessing the transformative power of stem cells is central to his expertise. In fact, stem cell therapy is proven to be effective in the treatment of many common conditions from arthritis and back pain to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer. This book is an accessible and informative introduction to the amazing powers of Stem Cell Therapy – the biggest revolution in medicine since the discovery of penicillin, and a wave of the future. Co-authored by bestselling author and popular keynote speaker Kerry Johnson MBA PhD, The Stem Cell Cure provides specific ways for readers to boost their health and vitality for a lifetime by recovering, regenerating, and repairing injuries and disease.